619-26646-2  |  SSV Divider Valve

Construction Material Carbon Steel
Max. Operating Pressure / Min. Operating Pressure 5076 psig / 290 psig
Output/Cycle per Outlet 0.012 cu. in.
Lubricant Inlet 1/8" NPTF (F)
Lubricant Outlet M10x1
Operating Temperature Min. / Max. -22F / 212F
Dimension A 2.95"
Max. Number of Outlets 8
Cycle Indicator Pin Yes



  1. Lubricant outlet must use Lincoln Quicklub fittings.  
  2. * 241650 stainless steel adapter available to convert inlet to 1/8" NPTF.
  3. You must use outlets 1 and 2 to allow the system to operate properly.



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Type 3-Way
Power Requirements 110 VAC, 50 Hz
120 VAC, 60 Hz
11 VA
Inrush Current Amps 0.12
Holding Current Amps 0.09
Air Inlet / Outlet 3/8" NPT(F)
Ambient Temp. Range 0 F to 120 F
Cv Factor 4.4
Max Pressure 150 psi
Conduit Connection 1/2" NPT(F)



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The Cross SBA series hydraulic control valve is a 3-position, 4-way valve in 1,2 or 3 spool versions with float available. The SBA series features NPTF ports.  Fully balanced select-fit honed spools with excellent metering characteristics give maximum load holding capability and long life.


  • 2500 psi operating pressure for SBA
  • 30 GPM flow rate
  • SBA: 3/4” NPTF in and out, 1/2” NPTF work ports
  • Adjustable built-in relief set at 2000 psi
  • Closed center
  • Built-in load checks for lifting
  • Single spool, 3-position, 4-way

Field conversion kits:

  • 1V0208 Power Beyond Sleeve (3/4” NPTF)
  • 1V0249 Power Beyond Sleeve (1 1/16-12 SAE)
  • 1V2015 Closed Center Kit (contains 1V0206 & 1R0035)
  • 1V1626 Heavy Duty Handle Assembly
  • 1V1485-02 Single Handle Actuator for 2 & 3 spool models

* For operating double-acting hydraulic cylinders or a reversible hydraulic motor.


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128513  |  Sequence Valve SQV Series

The Cross SQV series valve is a 2-position, 3 port valve designed to alternately operate a pair of agricultural guide marker cylinders. May be used with single acting or double acting marker cylinders.


  • 2500 psi operating pressure
  • (3000 psi maximum surge)
  • 3/4-16 (SAE#8) ports
  • 2 position, 3 ported
  • Rugged construction
 Rated GPM Port Size (SAE)
2 3/4-16 SAE


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The Cross Converta can be easily converted to a 3-way valve by using the conversion and port pipe plug supplied with the valve. It can also be converted to a 3-position manual detent valve by ordering a separate detent kit: part #1V0294.

This valve may be used to operate a double or single acting cylinder, or a reversible or single direction motor when a hold position in neutral is required.


  • 3 position, 4 way - convertible to 3 positions, 3 way
  • Open center (only), spring centered to neutral
  • 2000 psi maximum operating pressure
  • 25 GPM flow rate
  • 3/4” NPTF inlet and outlet ports
  • 1/2” NPTF work ports
  • Built-in relief valve (preset at 2000 psi)


  • Not intended for use in metered lifting circuits.
  • Not convertible to pressure kick out.
  • Never use a manual detent in a logsplitter application.

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Parker’s direct acting 3-way, 2-position spool-type solenoid valves feature a proven design that ensures reliable and predictable performance with low pressure drop and minimal hysteresis.  Ideal for switching or unloading applications that don’t necessarily require low poppet style leakage, but instead easy solenoid driven directional controls.

Flow Direction: 2-1 De-energized, 2-3 Energized
Rated Flow GPM: 4
Rated Flow LPM: 15
Max. Inlet Pressure: 3600 psi
Type/Configuration: Normally Closed, Selector
Leak Rate (cc/min): 180 @ 3600 psi
Cavity Size: C08-3
Override: N/A
Response Time (ms): 50
Minimum Operating Voltage: 85% of rated voltage at 72F
Seal Material: D-Ring (standard)
Operating Temp: -50F to +270F
Valve Materials: All parts steel.  All operating parts hardened steel.
Rated Fluid Viscosity (CST): Mineral-based or synthetic with lubricating properties at viscosities of 45-2000 SSU (6 to 420 cSt)
Filtration Ratings: ISO 4406:1999 Code 18/16/13
RV21278  |  In-Line Automatic Relief Valve

Provide an economical means of protecting a hydraulic circuit against over pressurization.

Pressure Setting:  10,100 / 10,700 psi

Application: Provide an economical means of protecting an hydraulic circuit against over pressurization. 

Operation: These factory preset valves are designed for maximum flow rate of 5 gpm (19 l/min). Furnished with 1/8" NPTF male port. All valves weigh 0.2 lb (0,1 kg). See chart in 'Specifications' for ordering information. 

NOTE: Care should be exercised to protect workers from hot, pressurized hydraulic oil. Install these valves only in an enclosed or shielded area.



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9575  |  Shut-Off Valve

Application: This needle valve permits fine metering of hydraulic oil. 

Operation: Can be used for controlling multiple single-acting cylinders.

Cylinder Application: Single-Acting
Operation: Manual
Valve Type: Shut-Off Valve
Volt:  -
Advance / Return:  -
Advance / Hold Return:  -
Posi-Check Feature:  -


Application – Single-acting cylinders. 

Actuation – Flipper lever operated. 

Functions – Cylinder piston “advance”, “hold” and “retract”. 

Used on these pumps – PE172, PA172 and PE84 series.

 A Pressure Switch and/or Gauge (Analog or Digital) may be attached to this valve. 

 To prevent sudden, uncontrolled descent of a load as it is being lowered, use a Load Lowering Valve (No. 9596) or Counter Balance Valve (No. 9720) in conjunction with the directional valve used in your application. 

IMPORTANT: Conversion kit 251528 must be used when mounting any of the valves on PA17 or PE17 pumps. 


Cylinder Application: Single-Acting
Operation: Manual
Valve Type: 2-way, 2-position
Volt:  -
Advance / Return: No
Advance / Hold Return: Yes
Posi-Check Feature: No


300139  |  Valve Repair Kit
21046  |  Valve Stem
16230  |  Valve - Safety Disc 5835 PSI